How To Learn To Code For Free

So you want to learn how to code but you don’t know how to start writing code. Well, this video will show you the right steps to teach yourself how to code. And guess what you can do it all for free. You will have that all the tools you need to you begin your job search.

Where To Start Learning How To Code

code. I break it down step by step on what you need to do each week along with the best coding resources you can use to learn how to code.

How I Became a Software Engineer Without A CS Degree

How I became a software engineer without a computer science degree is the topic of this video. As I get ready for work, I share my coding journey with you on how I got a programming job and became a software developer.

What’s the Difference Between a Frontend Engineer, UX Designer, UX Engineer?

What is the difference between a UX designer, a UX Engineer and a Frontend Engineer. The tech field has so many different niches, you are sure to find the best area that highlights your skill sets. Whether that is a software engineer role or you lean more towards the design side, I can’t wait to see what you become!

Best Programming Languages to Learn

We are going to walk though how to find a coding language that is not only popular but in high demand in three easy steps. By the end of this blog you will have the best programming language that was meant for you and be marketable in the job search.