Programming is an exciting career that you can do from anywhere. Do you think you’ve got what it takes to become one?

If you have experience with computers and mobile devices, you may have the aptitude to evolve into a programmer. Preparing for a competitive job market takes a lot of time, so finding out that you’re already ahead of the crowd with relevant skills gives you a leg up.

Here are signs that you’re destined to be a programmer:

✅ You feel comfortable around computers – This kind of flexibility is invaluable for programmers.

✅ You know lots of handy coding – If you have this skill, even with one computer language like Python, you’re already a programmer.

✅ You’re good at solving computer problems – This is where a passion for puzzles can be an asset, making your bug-fixing efforts more fun than frustrating—a good attitude for a programmer’s workplace.

✅ You’re fast at spotting Important details – See if your experience and instinct tick this box. Otherwise, do what you can to develop good attention to detail. It’ll make you more effective and valuable to employers.

✅ You like learning more about Information Technology – If you like exploring a computer’s capabilities, taking apart and updating its coding, and just learning all you can about IT, you have a programmer’s heart and curiosity.

Feeling the signs? Watch out for Part 2! 😎

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